I will be my Own Boss!


Don’t you wanna be your own Boss?

It was only two years ago when it became clear to me and my hubby that we have to retire early and start a business back home. Since things are not doing well here in the Middle East anymore and education is very expensive for my 2 kids, we wanted to equip ourselves with the knowledge and know-how to run and operate a business ahead of time. We wanted to have a livelihood that will support the whole family should we come back home jobless.

While doing some research online, I found this info Ex-Link Management and Marketing Services Corp. COO Orly Ballesteros told the BusinessMirror that OFWs have the inclination to become entrepreneurs and eventually gain success. Ballesteros cited latest statistics showing that around 8,000 of the 4 million entrepreneurs in the country last year were then-OFWs”, Roderick Abad, 2014 BusinessMirror. You never know, we could be the 8,001!

Since my hubby and I are partners, we have to make a huge unanimous decision over something that is life-altering. We have discussed, thrown & juggled ideas on possible business ventures and we talked about the time-frame. Here are some of the things we looked into. I suggest that you write down all ideas and discard any that has a NO answer in the following questions.

Ask yourself the following questions to come up with your end goal:

  • Is this what I want/like to do?
  • Do I know anything about this business?
  • Is it feasible in my location/area
  • Do I have a capital?
  • Will I profit from this?
  • Can this be a long term venture?

In the end, we decided to focus on live stocks – Poultry in particular. With that goal in mind, we started doing the following steps to prepare ourselves.

  • Research about the product/business
  • Attend trainings and seminars
  • Join groups with the same goal/business/topics
  • Gather information by communicating with experts
  • Read & watch videos that can help you with the process of the business
  • Most importantly, you must prepare your finances in order to execute your plan.


This is our planned Business Logo

I learned that in order to get there, we must have these characteristics to be successful entrepreneur:

  • Resilience – the capacity /ability to recover quickly and become strong, healthy or successful after some difficulties or if something bad happens
  • High EQ – you have to be mature & strong enough to make tough decisions
  • Receptive- you must have the ability or knack to respond shrewdly on environmental stimuli. You should be ready and willing to consider new ideas if there are changes in the environment

I am positive that if we embrace these characteristics among others, we will never FAIL only rooms for improvement. Let’s do this while we’re still young so if we fall we still have time to bounce back and start again. When you start late, there will be small room for mistakes and a slim chance to start over due to time and financial losses.

Please note that we are no experts. We are just sharing with you how we had the courage to do it. We know we are going through this road, and hopefully the road to real success. By being self-employed, you get to manage time, flourish with your own business, spend quality time and see your kids closely. Nobody knows how this venture will end up but whatever the outcome is, we’ll keep on trying and overcome challenges until we get there.

Share with me your own success story and how you were able to over-come challenges.


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