Negative Impact


Looking back last year, I feel that everything that happened to my work environment was pure devastation. It was at the beginning of the year when I turned down a great job offer because I felt that the pay is not worth it. So I stayed with my current job. A few months later, I was transferred to a different office location much to my devastation. I was hurt and crying for 2 nights because they were uprooting me from my 2nd home of 10 yrs just like that. And then it was followed by series of events that I no longer wish to discuss.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I just want to share with you my epiphany. It was true that at that time, I was really devastated of all things happening but little did I know that really things happen for a reason. If I were to dissect and analyze it, it all happened for my own good and protection and comfort.

So yeah, devastation connotes a negative impact and I really don’t like to be associated with it as much as possible but something good comes out of it. That’s what we have to look forward to after devastation I guess…

This is in response to Daily Prompt challenge a first-timer.

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4 thoughts on “Negative Impact

  1. Welcome! I do find myself intrigued to know more about the good things that emerged for you. The main message I hear is a reminder that “devastation” is a label we might give events that happen in our life … which can sometimes turn out to lead to something wonderful. So is it something about wanting us to have hope, even when we feel like there’s none?


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