Having the Courage to go Homebound


How did we really have the courage to go home for good?

In this time of recession, chaos and terrorism in different parts of the world, drugs and killings in our own country and whatnots, what did really made us decide to resign from a well-paying job?

Let me bring you back at the time when I started to work in a foreign country 13 yrs ago. I was at the ripe age of 24 when I decided to go abroad. Although there wasn’t much need for me to leave the country at that time, I was having the time of my life, a great job and even taking up my MBA in a reputable Graduate School of Business. I abandoned it all because I was crazy in love and stubborn ha ha!

Like everyone says, I’ll work and save money for 2 years and come home. Obviously, that wasn’t the case. Two years was just enough time for me to move on and embark on new challenges within the company. I started as Assistant Store Manager and then moved to back-end of the Business as Assistant Merchandiser and then got promoted to Merchandising within 1 and a half year. Here, I spent my time enjoying what I do and thought could not do… I spent 11 years in Buying & Merchandising for new stores & new brands of the Company. This is the time when I was able to travel to different parts of the world. What’s even more awesome is that I get to do all of this with my family here in Kuwait. Yes, within that period my hubby and I got blessed with 2 great boys one 11yrs old and 5yrs old. Unlike other OFW’s who are estranged from their love ones, we are lucky to be together. So yeah, in spite of all that awesomeness, we still wanted to go homebound.

Why? Because there’s nothing better than being HOME. In your own home country, where you have the freedom to move around, say what you want, do what you want, own what you want and be whatever you want!

I started this blog as I realized I’m inspiring a lot of people of having the courage to come home for good sooner than later. So follow me and my family on this journey as I share with you raw experiences as we tackle this new chapter in our lives.



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