I will be my Own Boss!


Don’t you wanna be your own Boss?

It was only two years ago when it became clear to me and my hubby that we have to retire early and start a business back home. Since things are not doing well here in the Middle East anymore and education is very expensive for my 2 kids, we wanted to equip ourselves with the knowledge and know-how to run and operate a business ahead of time. We wanted to have a livelihood that will support the whole family should we come back home jobless.

While doing some research online, I found this info Ex-Link Management and Marketing Services Corp. COO Orly Ballesteros told the BusinessMirror that OFWs have the inclination to become entrepreneurs and eventually gain success. Ballesteros cited latest statistics showing that around 8,000 of the 4 million entrepreneurs in the country last year were then-OFWs”, Roderick Abad, 2014 BusinessMirror. You never know, we could be the 8,001!

Since my hubby and I are partners, we have to make a huge unanimous decision over something that is life-altering. We have discussed, thrown & juggled ideas on possible business ventures and we talked about the time-frame. Here are some of the things we looked into. I suggest that you write down all ideas and discard any that has a NO answer in the following questions.

Ask yourself the following questions to come up with your end goal:

  • Is this what I want/like to do?
  • Do I know anything about this business?
  • Is it feasible in my location/area
  • Do I have a capital?
  • Will I profit from this?
  • Can this be a long term venture?

In the end, we decided to focus on live stocks – Poultry in particular. With that goal in mind, we started doing the following steps to prepare ourselves.

  • Research about the product/business
  • Attend trainings and seminars
  • Join groups with the same goal/business/topics
  • Gather information by communicating with experts
  • Read & watch videos that can help you with the process of the business
  • Most importantly, you must prepare your finances in order to execute your plan.


This is our planned Business Logo

I learned that in order to get there, we must have these characteristics to be successful entrepreneur:

  • Resilience – the capacity /ability to recover quickly and become strong, healthy or successful after some difficulties or if something bad happens
  • High EQ – you have to be mature & strong enough to make tough decisions
  • Receptive- you must have the ability or knack to respond shrewdly on environmental stimuli. You should be ready and willing to consider new ideas if there are changes in the environment

I am positive that if we embrace these characteristics among others, we will never FAIL only rooms for improvement. Let’s do this while we’re still young so if we fall we still have time to bounce back and start again. When you start late, there will be small room for mistakes and a slim chance to start over due to time and financial losses.

Please note that we are no experts. We are just sharing with you how we had the courage to do it. We know we are going through this road, and hopefully the road to real success. By being self-employed, you get to manage time, flourish with your own business, spend quality time and see your kids closely. Nobody knows how this venture will end up but whatever the outcome is, we’ll keep on trying and overcome challenges until we get there.

Share with me your own success story and how you were able to over-come challenges.


Negative Impact


Looking back last year, I feel that everything that happened to my work environment was pure devastation. It was at the beginning of the year when I turned down a great job offer because I felt that the pay is not worth it. So I stayed with my current job. A few months later, I was transferred to a different office location much to my devastation. I was hurt and crying for 2 nights because they were uprooting me from my 2nd home of 10 yrs just like that. And then it was followed by series of events that I no longer wish to discuss.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I just want to share with you my epiphany. It was true that at that time, I was really devastated of all things happening but little did I know that really things happen for a reason. If I were to dissect and analyze it, it all happened for my own good and protection and comfort.

So yeah, devastation connotes a negative impact and I really don’t like to be associated with it as much as possible but something good comes out of it. That’s what we have to look forward to after devastation I guess…

This is in response to Daily Prompt challenge a first-timer.

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Fear of the Unknown


Fear of the Unknown

During my notice period from work (in other words killing-time), I come across people who are happy for our decision, inspired by our actions and hopeful that someday it will be their turn. However, there will always be at least one or a handful who will question you. Are you not scared? What will you do? What about your work here? Are you going to earn the same in your country? How can you survive? I once asked myself these questions as well, that’s why I’m ready to answer them truthfully.

It is only but natural to fear the unknown. The uncertainty of what the future holds will make you scared and pessimistic but thinking about it, I’m more excited than being scared. Come 2017, I suddenly felt jittery and scared but more of excitement. Thinking “This is it!”, “there’s really no backing out now”, “OMG! Philippines here we come!” The days are getting shorter and faster everyday making our rendering period reaching to an end.

The mere thought of starting up all over again is quite daunting more so, adjusting to a new environment for me and my kids. Although, we do come home for vacation quite often and enjoyed most of our time feeling like a tourist it will be different then when we think of staying and living there for the rest of our lives. I’m a little worried for my kids as they don’t know the language, school is totally new and they have to completely adjust in the way of province living. Where at 6 pm shops close and people stay at home for early dinner, sleep early and wake up very early the next day except for some group of men drinking in the neighborhood till wee hours. I’m worried that we might get bored while the nearest shopping mall and known fast food chain is 60 km away, about an hour if you’re a fast driver. I guess that is all I’m worried about.

Small thing compared to over-all excitement of coming home for good. Starting your own business, no time-in and out, no boss to report to, Filipino food available, we can get help if we wanted to, so many recreational activities for the family among others.

But the big question is… the uncertainty of the future. What is your survival rate? This is the UNKNOWN that most OFW’s (Filipino Overseas Worker) fear most and why they are scared to leave it all behind. How do you know your success? There are a lot of articles/guide written about how to be successful entrepreneur, How to start-up a business, and so many how-to guides. No matter how many you read and understand you can never know the answers till you put it to test and do it on your own.

So, how do we face the fear of the unknown head on? The answers will be given in my coming blogs for more details. The only fact remains is that there is so much more to look forward to than being an employee for the rest of my life doing the same monotonous unfulfilling job.

I’d like to end this by saying, we Do NOT fear because of this:

“For I know the plans I have for you, plan to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Having the Courage to go Homebound


How did we really have the courage to go home for good?

In this time of recession, chaos and terrorism in different parts of the world, drugs and killings in our own country and whatnots, what did really made us decide to resign from a well-paying job?

Let me bring you back at the time when I started to work in a foreign country 13 yrs ago. I was at the ripe age of 24 when I decided to go abroad. Although there wasn’t much need for me to leave the country at that time, I was having the time of my life, a great job and even taking up my MBA in a reputable Graduate School of Business. I abandoned it all because I was crazy in love and stubborn ha ha!

Like everyone says, I’ll work and save money for 2 years and come home. Obviously, that wasn’t the case. Two years was just enough time for me to move on and embark on new challenges within the company. I started as Assistant Store Manager and then moved to back-end of the Business as Assistant Merchandiser and then got promoted to Merchandising within 1 and a half year. Here, I spent my time enjoying what I do and thought could not do… I spent 11 years in Buying & Merchandising for new stores & new brands of the Company. This is the time when I was able to travel to different parts of the world. What’s even more awesome is that I get to do all of this with my family here in Kuwait. Yes, within that period my hubby and I got blessed with 2 great boys one 11yrs old and 5yrs old. Unlike other OFW’s who are estranged from their love ones, we are lucky to be together. So yeah, in spite of all that awesomeness, we still wanted to go homebound.

Why? Because there’s nothing better than being HOME. In your own home country, where you have the freedom to move around, say what you want, do what you want, own what you want and be whatever you want!

I started this blog as I realized I’m inspiring a lot of people of having the courage to come home for good sooner than later. So follow me and my family on this journey as I share with you raw experiences as we tackle this new chapter in our lives.